High Kite Productions

World Class Productions For Indie Artists (looking to get signed!)

High Kite Productions consists of a team of professional artists and musicians dedicated to producing world-class music and audio recordings for the music, film, advertising and entertainment industries. Members of the High Kite team participate as equity partners in the projects/releases they participate in, as defined by their roles/contributions -- e.g., artist, producer, writer, publisher, etc.

We currently include among our core team (including but not limited to):

Henry ‘Broz’ Rowland - owner, record producer, executive producer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, audio/mastering-engineer, music publisher, session musician (guitar, vocals, keys, bass, drums), recording artist. Henry is the principle/director of High Kite Productions.

Philip Rowland - executive producer, producer, songwriter, composer, session musician (guitarist, vocals), recording artist

Les Pillitteri - producer, executive producer, songwriter, composer, music publisher, session musician (bass, guitar, vocals), recording artist