High Kite Productions

World Class Productions For Indie Artists (looking to get signed!)

Below you can access some of the artists/CDs we've produced. These titles are intended mainly to demo our production capabilities and some of the music we have available for sync licensing. Please don't hesitate to contact us (info@highkite.com) if you're seeking help producing and distributing your music and/or licensing some of ours.

Here's is a link to some artists we've produced on Bandcamp as well as our newest project, the band Electric Fountain, with their hot new single "Your Not My President" out on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify... pretty much everywhere! We think it's gonna be a hit! Check it out below...as well as the Soundcloud link where you can hear some of Broz Rowland's recent songs.
The Rowland Brothers are also available on iTunes with an earlier release here.

Henry Rowland is also a visual artist specializing in fine art painting and photography. You can visit his art website by clicking the image below: